How Could I Ever Tell My Partner That I Was Once a Sperm Donor?

Chances are, you have thought once or twice about becoming a sperm donor. You've thought, Wow, this would be so easy! I could make some extra money, and I could actually help someone start their own family! 

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Why Do Sperm Banks Need So Many Donor Applicants?

Sperm banks around the country need donors, and it seems like every electronic bulletin board has ads urging young men to Apply Now! Why are so many donor applicants needed?

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Grateful Parents Thank Sperm Donors for the Gift of Family

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking about the gifts we’d like to give to our loved ones. There can be a lot of pressure when trying to choose the perfect gift  for each special person in our life.

Some of us give generously, even though we don’t know exactly how the gift will be received or used. Think of the donations made to charitable organizations, hospitals, and large volunteer foundations.


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