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Five Qualities That Make Creative Professionals Great Sperm Donors

There are a number of factors that predict that a man will be successful in a paid sperm donor program. Most sperm banks recruit men who live in close proximity to the bank and who have characteristics that are desired by their clients. More specifically, men who are artists, musicians, writers, actors, models and other creative professionals may make ideal candidates for paid donor programs. Why would that be? 9305100353_dc7c4aeef6_z

Creative professionals are likely to…. 

   …work odd hours and have flexible schedules.

Artists and writers tend to make their own schedules and work when the creative spirit hits them.  Musicians have performances and practices at all hours, often on evenings and weekends. Models and actors may work on-call and have long gaps between engagements. These flexible work schedules make it easy for creative professionals to comply with a sperm bank’s operating hours, which are usually weekdays from 9-5.

   … seek out alternative sources of additional income.

Let’s be honest, not every artist and musician makes it big. There’s a reason for the term Struggling Actor/Writer/Artist…Most creative professionals need alternative sources of income to support themselves while they do what they love. The time invested-to-income earned is favorable for men in paid donor programs, and can offset the unpredictability of their earning potential in their creative field.

   …possess personal traits that are greatly desired by recipient clients.

Those of us who can’t carry a tune, draw a decent portrait, or write a coherent paragraph know how deeply we envy those who can. Are these learned skills or inherited traits? Most people would agree that it’s a little of both. In any case, recipients tend to be thrilled when their donor of choice shares that he is an accomplished artist or musician or has other creative talents.

    …have a track record of being disciplined and focused.

Nobody gets to Carnegie Hall without practice, practice, practice! Creative professionals have likely been focusing at their preferred form of expression since childhood. Even highly gifted artists and musicians have only gotten to where they are by virtue of great discipline, years of lessons, and a structured format for success. Donor programs seek men who can commit to their program for up to a year, and those who have a history of dedication to a schedule are great candidates.

     …express an open attitude toward a wide variety of personality types and lifestyles.

Artists and musicians are often seen as our society’s free spirits. They may be likely to embrace all sorts of adventurous pursuits, and tend to let others in the world do their own thing, too. Alternative family building through sperm donation may be just the kind of work that could strike a creative professional as both worthy and rewarding.

 Photo credit: flickr