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Top Five Reasons that Men Choose to be Sperm Donors

What motivates a healthy young man to become a sperm donor? There are plenty of reasons! "I want to earn easy money" is certainly one common reason we hear.

Beyond this, the most successful sperm donors have a more complex reason that they are exploring the world of sperm donation. 9328980937_a5e6327c7e_z

When donor applicants are asked, Why are you interested in becoming a sperm donor? a few interesting themes begin to emerge.


Everyone could use a little extra cash, and for many men, after the initial screening process, the time invested-to-income earned balance begins to look pretty favorable. Many sperm banks pay up to $125 per acceptable sperm sample. Those with flexible schedules such as students, artists, and part-time workers may explore sperm donation as a way to supplement their incomes.


People want to help people! Men who have an inner motivation to do good deeds may be strongly motivated to donate sperm. Many donors state that they do other kinds of volunteer work, or have that they have donated blood, or are registered organ donors. These men express that they want to help others who want to have children of their own, and they feel that donating their sperm is an easy way to do this.


A personal experience with infertility or donor-conception is a powerful motivator. Young men with a family member who has struggled with infertility, those who have grown up with a friend who is donor-conceived, and those who have a partner who has previously been an egg donor, may all find that by donating their sperm, they are able to feel a positive and deep connection to these important people in their lives.


Some men report that they have no interest in raising their own children, but feel a strong desire to reproduce and pass their genes on in other ways. These men are in touch with the voice of their inner selfish gene: that sense that all living species have some desire to reproduce and leave evidence of their existence on the planet.


Alternative family-building is here and now. Lesbian couples, single women (as well as heterosexual, partnered women) may all seek sources of healthy, screened donor sperm in order to have their own biological families. Those donors who are strongly community-oriented may be driven to support this mission in a very personal way, simply because they can.

All U.S. sperm banks are regulated by the FDA, and becoming a donor includes a screening process that can take some time. Men who are motivated by solely by the desire for fast cash may quickly become discouraged.

On the other hand, those who feel a deeper, more personal motivation to donate their sperm so that others can have their own biological children, are much more likely to be successful donors who remain happy about their decision over the years.

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