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Why Choose to Be a Donor at The Sperm Bank of California?

There are over two dozen sperm banks operating in the U.S. today, and more banks in operation internationally. What makes The Sperm Bank of California (TSBC) unique among these banks? If you are considering becoming a sperm donor, why should you choose TSBC for your donations above all other sperm banks?



Non-Profit Status

  • TSBC is the only non-profit sperm bank in the U.S. Non-profit corporations use surplus revenue to reinvest  back into the company, rather than keep that revenue as profit.
  • TSBC is governed by a community board of directors consisting of volunteers that jointly oversee the activities of the organization.
  • By operating as a non-profit, TSBC can prioritize the provision of accessible, high-quality reproductive services to all who wish to create or expand their families through donor insemination.

Pioneers in the Industry

  • In 1982, TSBC was established as the first sperm bank in the U.S. to serve all women including lesbians and single women.  
  • TSBC was the first U.S. sperm bank to offer the option of open-identity donors, in recognition of the needs of donor-conceived individuals.
  • TSBC is the only sperm bank to conduct and publish research on the outcomes and implications of donor conception for parents, donor-conceived individuals, and donors.

Low Family Limits

  • Sperm banks have the option of establishing limits on how many families can use the same donor.
  • TSBC tracks all pregnancies and births, and limits each donor to 10 families, and all records are stored indefinitely.
  • Low family limits are generally considered a best practice that takes into consideration the long-term implications of donor-insemination for parents, donors and donor-conceived individuals.

TSBC is the ethical leader in donor conception with programs that focus on the long-term well-being of our families and our donors.

 Photo credit: flickr