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Finder's Fee Program

We are seeking to recruit well-qualified men of all backgrounds and ethnicities to our paid donor program.

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who might be a great sperm donor?

Do you work or attend classes at a location that might serve as an ideal place to recruit new donors?

You can earn money by just referring these men to our paid sperm donor program:

Refer a qualified donor applicant to TSBC and if he has a successful First Test Donation and if he passes the Intake Interview, you will receive a $50 Finder’s Fee.

Then, if that donor successfully completes the donor screening process and works with us for six months or more as a Program Donor, you will receive an additional $500 Finder’s Fee.

The applicant must identify you by name on the online application at the time of submission. You do NOT need to be a Program Donor to earn this Finder’s Fee, and you may refer as many applicants as you wish.

Thanks for helping TSBC Make the Dream of Family a Reality!