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Important information about providing sperm samples at TSBC

Providing a Sample

  • We ask that you wash your hands and your penis before providing a sample. Various bacteria live on the surface of the skin, and they could potentially cause infections for women using the sperm. There are towelettes next to the sink in each donor room which you should use to clean your penis before providing a sample.
  • There are condoms and lubricant samples in the donor rooms. Please take home as many condoms and lube samples as you want and, PLEASE PRACTICE SAFER SEX. If you have questions about how to use a condom, about safer sex, or about sexually transmitted diseases, we recommend that you contact the National STD hotline at (800) 227-8922.
  • You may use lubricant when you are providing a sample if you wish. We ask that you try to use only a small amount, and don’t let the lubricant get on the tip of your penis or in the sample.

Your Lab Appointments

  • We make every effort to schedule your appointments at the most convenient time for you. Please remember that this time has been specifically reserved for you, and arrangements in staff time and lab supplies are made to accommodate your visit.
  • Please do not arrive early or late for your appointments. Limited lab space makes it difficult for the staff to accommodate donors who arrive early or late for their appointments. On some days, donors will not be seen if they are not on time for their appointment.
  • Our private collecting rooms are small and have poor ventilation. Please remember good hygiene. Arrive for each appointment with clean hair, body and clothing. Please do NOT wear strong cologne or fragrances.
  • We have allotted 30-40 minutes for the use of the private collecting room. We appreciate your complying with the schedule. We offer wifi access, and our network is anonymized and others on the network cannot see other users' information.
  • If you have an urgent need to reschedule your appointment time, please call the lab directly: 510-841-1858, ext 211.
Thank you for your consideration in complying with these important lab requirements!