Grateful Parents Thank Sperm Donors for the Gift of Family

Posted December 11, 2014 by Cynthia

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking about the gifts we’d like to give to our loved ones. There can be a lot of pressure when trying to choose the perfect gift  for each special person in our life.

Some of us give generously, even though we don’t know exactly how the gift will be received or used. Think of the donations made to charitable organizations, hospitals, and large volunteer foundations.



Sperm donors make the most altruistic gift of all when they donate their genetic material to people they do not know, so that those individuals can start their own families.

Recipients review long, detailed profiles about potential donors, and they use this information to select the donor that seems just right for them. There is no direct contact between donors and recipients.

Have you ever wondered what parents would say about their sperm donors if they could?  

Read these quotes from the literature and from actual TSBC parents: 

My sense of gratitude to the donors is profound. I don’t think of the donors much, but when I do, I am moved to tears because I wouldn’t have these children if it weren’t for the gift that the donors gave me…

 It’s really a strange feeling. We’ve been able to have three beautiful children, from strangers we don’t know. Our children are the most precious assets in our marriage, yet we don’t know anything about the people who helped us have them…

We remain so very grateful that TSBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing ethical family building options. You guys are truly unique and wonderful in your approach to parents, children, and donors alike. Thank you...

Anytime I’ve ever said anything about the donor, I have always said “You know, we are so lucky that there are people like that who would do this so that people like us can have children.” We are so lucky there are donors willing to do this...

My daughter is the most wonderful accomplishment of my life. She is a great daughter and person. The donor is as good as gold as far as I am concerned. I would not change anything about my daughter. I cannot thank you all enough…

(Donors are)  living breathing human being(s) with faults and positive traits, just like me. They are not a figment of my imagination…we wouldn’t have our children without these…men…      

(Our daughter) thought for a moment and then she said “We should buy him a              present!”

Men consider being sperm donors for a broad range of reasons, but just about every donor understands very well indeed that he is the reason that another person or couple can start their own family. Sperm donors have no confusion about the fact that their genetic offspring are someone else’s sons and daughters.

The holidays can be the best time of year to appreciate all the gifts that we give and receive throughout the year. 

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